Add-On Not Appearing In Manage Add-On List

I have just recently installed an add-on but somehow, the add-on is not appearing on the administration manage add-on list, what do i do wrong here?

cs-cart 4.0.3

check you have the addonin the correct folder viaFTP go to app, addons and see if the name is there. If so then clear your cache


yes its there, i have installed other add on too. Everything were installed fine but this particular add-on (terms and conditions) was the only one not showing. I have clear cache many times. I have checked the folder app, addons, its there.

check your php error_log file for any XML errors from the addon.xml file or other errors from the addon directory. Contact the author and get their help.

its so strage nothing i dont see any php error

Temporarily add this line to the end of your config.local.php.


Then access the addon.manage page and check the error_log.

You are in “all stores” mode in addon, correct?

yes, im in “all stores” i dont see any error too. its just blank? FYI, im trying to install 1clue_term_and_conditions

And the author/provider is not able to help you with their addon?

The author response with installation fee for $30. Not much of help.

its working now