Add-on "Grouped variants of characteristics" for Cs-Cart

Add-on “Grouped variants of characteristics” for Cs-Cart

The add-on allows you to group together similar in value variants of characteristics. You will be able to organize filters and make product search simple and understandable for customers.


The same values of characteristics can be recorded in different ways. One of the most striking examples is the spelling of sizes in different systems: the usual numbers (42,44,46, and so on) and Latin letters (S, M, L, and so on). At the same time, the sizes in different systems still correspond to each other.

There are other situations: when one supplier has a color name written with a capital letter: Red, and another with a small one: red, and a third with a typo: red. And it happens that the supplier tries to be original, and writes red – scarlet instead of the usual one. And all this pleasure is displayed in the product card and in the filters when the buyer tries to find a product with the characteristics he needs.

And if the buyer wants to buy red shorts of size 42, he needs to mark in the filters size 42, S, 42 (S), S (42)? 42-44 and other variants of this size that will come to the seller’s mind, as well as all spelling variants of the word red, it can also be about 10 options.

Below in the screenshot you can see the options for the characteristic “Shoe lining material”.Only here we see 6 variants of the same characteristic value, and there are about the same number of them below and above in the list. There are some more interesting examples below.

Most likely, the buyer will not scroll through the entire list of values, looking for what other ways to write the desired value the sellers have come up with, but will simply close the site and go look for another one where the characteristics and their values are in order.

Therefore, we wrote the add-on “Grouped variants of characteristic values”.


The add-on allows the administrator to combine several synonymous values of characteristics into one. He indicates which option to leave as the main one and prescribes which synonyms correspond to this option. After that, all synonymous values of characteristics will be combined into one – the main one.

In the future, when importing goods or manually creating a new variant of a characteristic, the add-on tracks the appearance of variants with a synonymous name and automatically adds it to an already existing variant.

Interaction with other modules

The add-on “Grouped values of characteristics” works perfectly in combination with several modules regulating and simplifying work with characteristics and filters:

  1. “Grouped characteristics”;
  2. Automatic filters".

The add-on “Grouped characteristics” groups synonymous characteristics among themselves. This reduces the number of garbage characteristics, helps to maintain order.

The “Automatic Filters” add-on automatically creates filters to search for products in the showcase based on new characteristics and their values.

The add-on is included in Enterprise packages for CS-Cart for online stores.

Compatible with CS-Cart version for online stores of Standard and Ultimate versions. No testing was conducted for the Free version.

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