Add-On : Geolocation Language And Currency Converter

Hello Community,

We are glad to present you the add-on CS-Cart Geolocation Language and Currency Converter.

Overview :

This impressive add-on converts currency and language of CS-Cart store in runtime based on the visitor’s location. An automatic conversion happens on the basis of Geo-location. This helps in improving the effectiveness of website by providing a user friendly experience.

Features :

  • -> Well integrated with CS-Cart Multi-Vendor.
  • -> Functionality to change store front currency and language dynamically according to visitor’s location.
  • -> Feature to set the currency and language for store front in global configuration of add-on.
  • -> Functionality to configure Geo-location based on country, language and currency.
  • -> If the visitor’s location is not found in configured Geo-location data, the store front will work as per the language and currency set globally.
  • -> Option to delete and edit the configured Geo-location data.
  • -> Easy to manage and configure at admin end.

Compatibility :

Compatible with CS-Cart 4.3.x and CS-Cart Multi-Vendor 4.3.x

Global Settings :

On the successful installation of add-on, click on “Settings” to configure as shown below.

Set the parameters as shown below in the snapshot.

  • -> Select currency for store front if location based currency not found in configured Geo-location data.
  • -> Select language for store front if location based language not found in configured Geo-location data.

Geolocation Configuration :

Go to “Administration”, click on “Geo-location Currency and Language Converter” as shown below.

Click on the “+” to add a location. Set the parameters as shown below in the snapshot :

  • -> Select the country for Geo-location configuration.
  • -> Choose the language for the selected country.
  • -> Choose the currency for the above selected country.

The added locations can be viewed under Geo-location configuration. Click on the drop-down to edit or delete the location as shown below.

Front End View :

Currency and language of the store front convert automatically on the basis of User’s Location.

For example if your current store front currency is in dollar and language is in English. When a visitor opens the website in India its currency will get converted into INR (Indian currency). Language will be displayed according to the Geo-location configuration at admin end.

Please look at the front end view below.

Demo & Documentation :

For Demo please click here

For User Guide please click here

We would be happy for any comment and suggestion.

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