Add-On For Sale / Price-Drop After Back-In-Stock Notification?

We were happy to discover a customer can subscribe to a product that is out of stock, so (s)he gets a notification when it is back in stock.

However, we rarely keep zero amounts in stock, even when there is no stock.
What we do is RAISE the selling price back to SRP to accomodate for extra shipping costs.

I'm sure quite a few customers prefer to wait until a product is back in stock for real which is when we drop prices back to what they normally are (approx. 20-35% cheaper than SRP).

Are there add-ons that can notify customers for sudden price drops?
Either when it goes on sale... or when a product comes back in stock for a normal price?

Was reminded to this when we did a poll (found that function just 2 weeks ago) about frequency for newsletters and asked when they wanted to receive one.. half answered "only when an item I've bought before goes on sale!" .
In our old shop we would alert buyers with an email saying their favourite supplement went on sale .. in this one , it is very hard to use the email system ..(too much work and not very easy to understand).. so I wonder if there's an option to send automatic notifications about price-drops to those that either subscribe (like with out of stock) or when they have bought it or have it in their wishlist.

Thanks for reading!


hi there,

there is an add-on that fits perfectly according to need "Price Drop Alert"

add-on link:

purchase link :

in this add-on you can customize email template according to your need.

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Himanshu Dangwal

LOL.. just found it myself too when searching Market Place for notifications. Happens all the time when asking something.. getting so impatient I search for it until finding what I want. Thanks anyway. Don't see people commenting on it ..

Will investigate it.. it does look like something many of my customers would appreciate..

There aren't just 1 or 2 but even 3 on Marketplace:

60 USD : webgraphiq

The Price Drop Alert* add-on for CS-Cart helps visitors to signup for an alert when the product they are interested in drops in price and comes within their budget constraints. This allows you to bring visitors back to your store and convert potentially interested visitors into customers. The visitors can choose to either receive notification of any drop change in price or to only receive a notification when the price drops below a certain value as selected by the visitor. This means that a client who is too busy to frequently return to your site can simply click a button and stay informed on the price of their product of interest.


  • Opt-in subscription, can be enabled, disabled
  • Sends notification email to store administrators and customer after each subscription
  • Price drop alert subscription statistics, administrators can follow easy the number of subscribers and the target price ranges to each product
  • Notifications will be sent in customer's language selected on subscription
  • Product thumbnail in notification emails
  • Multicurrency supported
  • Auto populated target price

30 USD: Webkul

Price Drop Alert :This impressive add-on helps in maintaining customer’s interest in user’s marketplace. By using this add-on any customer can subscribe to products for price drop alert. So whenever there is a price drop for a product, an email is generated and send to subscribed customers acting as a notifying mail.

Features :

  • Option of mail templates for subscription and notification is available .
  • The subscribed product name, email id, price, date and time are maintained in logs at admin end .
  • One click unsubscription facility available with customer .
  • Subscriber log entry deletion or maintenance can be easily managed at admin end .
  • Whenever price of the product goes down then subscriber of that product will receive an automatic email notification .

15 USD: Pevolo

CS-Cart addon "Price drop alerts" allows your customers to subscribe for notifications about price decreasing for desired product.

How it works: Customer fill simple form which contain three fields:

  • Notify once or anytime price drops
  • Desired price in selected currency
  • E-Mail to notify (for registered customers E-Mail address already filled)
  • Notifications about new subscription can be sent to customer and administrator
  • Allows administrator to collect statistics about potential customers count
  • Automatic language-detect for notifications
  • Ability to enable subscription confirmation letter. This option will protect your E-Mail address from getting into spam

Will need to investigate all three and see which one would be the easiest and fits the 'bill' .

Currently I have a cheap solution. Once a product will be back in stock and the new selling price is known, I set the stock back to zero again. Then enter the new price .. and re-set the amount to what it will be after new stock arrives. Then the subscriber will get a new notification telling them it is back in stock.