Add-On : Extended Catalog Mode

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We are glad to present you the add-on CS-Cart Extended Catalog Mode

Overview :

This impressive add-on allows the admin to enable catalog mode for desired categories. Via CS-Cart Extended Catalog Mode, admin can operate the store in both the modes that is, catalog mode and default mode simultaneously. Store admin is allowed to activate catalog mode for specific categories and for rest categories store operates in default mode.

Features :

  • -> Well integrated with CS-Cart Multi-Vendor.
  • -> Functionality to enable or disable catalog mode for specific categories.
  • -> Option to allow catalog mode for the subcategories.
  • -> Functionality to disable products in catalog mode automatically as per the number of days entered at backend.
  • -> Functionality to send email notification to vendor, admin and custom mail ids when the product status changes automatically.
  • -> Option to set the email template for notification is also provided at back-end.
  • -> A single product can be listed either in catalog mode or any regular category.
  • -> Easy to configure and manage at admin end.
Compatibility :
Compatible with CS-Cart 4.3.x and CS-Cart Multi-Vendor 4.3.x.
Note : This add-on is incompatible with below listed default add-ons of CS-Cart
Buy Together, Gift Certificate, Catalog Mode
These will automatically get disabled when CS-Cart Extended Catalog Mode is installed.
Configuration :

Once the add-on is installed successfully, go to add-on settings. Set the parameters as per the below snapshot.

Click on Mail Templating tab to set the notification mail layout. User guide manual is provided for mail template.

How to enable catalog mode for specific category?

Go to Products -> Categories tab and click on the desired category to edit. Now click on Add-ons tab as shown below in the snapshot.

Make the changes for Extended Catalog Mode as per the below screen shot.

How to enter Buy Now URL for the product in catalog mode?

Go to Products -> Products , Click on the desired product to edit.
Click on Add-ons tab as per the below screen shot.
As products in catalog mode cannot be purchased directly in the store. So enter the Buy Now URL for the product. Buy Now URl is the link of external website where the product is available for purchase. Please refer to the below screen shot.
View Of product in default store operation mode :
View Of product in catalog mode :
View Of product in catalog mode when Buy Now URL at back-end is not entered :

Demo and Documentation :

For Demo please click here
For User Guide please click here
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