Add On Error when trying to use view_mail

[size=4]I have a cron job running a customized add on. The cron job is setup to send emails but when i try to start assigning variables to $view_mail it produces an error:[/size]

Call to a member function assign() on a non-object.

The line where this error occurs inside erporders_export.php has the following code:

[size=4]$view_mail->assign('order_info', $order_info);[/size]

[size=4]Here is the code used to load my add on: [/size]

[size=4] define('AREA', 'A'); define('AREA_NAME', 'admin'); $mode = $_REQUEST['--mode'];
require_once("./prepare.php"); require_once("./init.php");
require_once(DIR_ADDONS."erporders/controllers/admin/erporders_export.php"); ?>

As far as I can tell init.php should be initializing the $view_mail and everything should be working. I can't figure out why its not. If anyone has any clue what i'm missing please let me know.

Got it. In case anyone needs to know I couldn't just use

$view_mail->assign('order_info', $order_info);

I had to access it using the Registry get like this:

Registry::get('view_mail')->assign('order_info', $order_info);

It probably would have worked if you'd have done it after the template engine was initialized. I.e. following your includes for prepare.php and init.php.

I though that was what i did. My include is after prepare and init

as per my posted source code. Is that what you mean?

In your original post in the area of:


[size=4]Here is the code used to load my add on: [/size]


[size=4]You have your $view->assign() right after your [/size]

My apologies that was a copy/paste error. the view code is actually inside the erp_export_orders.php file which is after the prepare and init. I have updated my OP to reflect this more clearly. sorry.

Thank you! One of the few people who actually reply to their initial post with the answer.

Helped me greatly!