Add-on "Cloning categories" for an Online Store on CS-Cart

Add-on “Cloning categories” for an Online Store on CS-Cart

The add-on clones the entire category tree of the store or a separate branch of categories with subcategories.


The category tree is of great importance for an online store, because how logical and understandable it will be depends on how easily buyers will navigate on your site, how quickly they will be able to find the right product.

In some cases, it is necessary to completely clone the category tree or part of it. Such cases include:

  1. A supplier appears whose assortment is in many ways similar to the assortment of your other suppliers, which means that the category tree will be similar;
  2. You need to create additional categories for products that have a similar division into subcategories: for example, there is already a category of adult clothing, and you need to create a branch for children’s clothing;
  3. We need to make a new category tree on a new showcase.

However, creating a category tree manually from scratch is a rather tedious and long task. In order to simplify this task, we have created a add-on “Cloning categories”.

Add-on functionality

The add-on can clone the category tree in whole or in part: only one of its branches. At the same time, the word copy is added to the name of the upper category during cloning, the names of all nested categories and subcategories remain unchanged. This means that you won’t need to manually rename each category after cloning.

The add-on is included in Enterprise packages for CS-Cart for online stores.

Compatible with CS-Cart version for online stores of Standard and Ultimate versions. No testing was conducted for the Free version.

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