Add-On By Webkul: Seller Vacations

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Here we present a simple new paid add-on "CS-Cart Seller Vacations".

Short Description:

By using this add-on a seller products will be visible to the buyers along with the seller message, by which the buyers will know that the seller is on vacation and will not be available. An admin as well as the buyer would be informed about the unavailability of the seller. To inform about the vacation a Seller require to set start date and end date of the vacation. Seller can also provide a message in multi-language that is to be displayed on the product page and seller profile page. This add-on helps marketplace seller to disable the “add to cart” button for the products if in case the seller is not available to fulfill the orders for a certain time period. An admin can even delete the seller vacation.



  1. Seller can plan a vacation informing the admin and customers buying their product.
  2. A new “Seller vacations” tab gets added to the vendor account to inform about the vacations.
  3. An admin can “Allow” or “Disallow” the sellers to apply for vacations.
  4. An admin can “Auto Approve” the seller’s vacations from backend.
  5. Admin can set the number of days before which seller has to apply for vacations.
  6. Admin can set the number of times a seller reminds for approval of vacations.
  7. Admin can customize the color settings of vacation box to be displayed at frontend.
  8. Seller can Allow or Disallow “Add to Cart” for buyers during the vacation period.
  9. Seller needs to specify the message that is to be displayed on the product page and the profile page.
  10. Seller will automatically become active after the vacation end date.
  11. Seller can add the vacation message in multi-language.
  12. Mail will be send to admin when vendor apply for vacations.
  13. Mail will be send to seller when admin approve and disapprove the vacation.
  14. Seller can remind the admin about approval of their vacation.
Addon Compatibility:
Compatible with CS-Cart Multivendor 4.7.x, 4.8.x, 4.9.x. Feel free to contact us at
Check out the more details here -
We would be happy with any comment and suggestions. Please do share your valuable feedback!
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Would be nice if it have a default text in the Message for Store box with possibility to edit.


Greetings from Webkul!!

Thanks for your views. We can make it for you. To discuss in detail kindly raise a ticket at