Add-On By Webkul: Chatbot

Hello Community,

Here we present a simple new paid add-on "CS-Cart Chatbot".

Short Description:

CS-Cart Chatbot add-on allows businesses to do automated communication with their customers. Chatbot can send and receive messages from the users. Customer can search for the products, hot deals and can track his order from the Chat area. You can ask whatever you want at any time, and a customer will get immediate reply. Therefore it results in an excellent Customer services Experience and hence profits the business.



  1. Admin can manage the services like “Hot Deals”, ”Product Search” & “Track Order” from the backend.
  2. Admin can select the User icon and Chatbot icon.
  3. Option to customize the chatbot header background color and icon color.
  4. Option to customize the fallback message to be displayed to customer.
  5. Customer can search for the products and hot deals.
  6. Customer can track his order from the Chat area.
  7. Option to ask query to admin via Chat box.
  8. Functionality to clear the chat is provided to user.
  9. Supports English and Russian language.

Note: It will work only in https (SSL enabled) site.

Addon Compatibility:

Compatible with CS-Cart Multivendor 4.7.x, 4.8.x, 4.9.x. Feel free to contact us at
Check out more details here -
We would be happy with any comment and suggestions. Please do share your valuable feedback!
Thank You!


Hi, so this can only support English and Russian? Can we customize other language? Thanks


Greetings from Webkul!!

Currently our add-on supports English and Russian language. Yes, we can customize the add-on in other language. To discuss it in detail, raise a ticket at