Add-On "access Restrictions": Ip Filter Not Reachable?


Based on the Document "How To: Make Your Store More Secure" ( I tried to set up an IP filter in step 5 "Use Access Restrictions".

According to this document ( I activated the option "Allow login to the admin area from specified IPs only".

So far, so good. After a refresh of the site I was expecting the plus Icon (+) in order to reach the IP from and IP to fields.

Could you please assist me: where is the + icon (please refer to the attached screenshot)?
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access restrictions.PNG


You should go in menu Add-ons->Access restrtiction where you can define IP addresses. If you do not see the + sign, check if you have any ad blocker installed (adblock or uBlock)

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Also possible issues

- store-front is selected with multiple store-fronts. Select All store-fronts option

- you are logged in under restricted admin account

Thanks for your support!

It was confusing to me that the option to filter IPs is getting activated here ("red" in screenshot)

Add-ons -> Manage add-ons -> Access restrictions --> Settings (checkbox "Allow login to the admin area from specified IPs only")

But the configuration of the IP (range) itself is maintained there ("blue" in screenshot)

Add-ons -> Access restrictions --> Administration panel

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