Add non-available items to order

Maybe a silly request but usefull in my situation. I want to add products which are unavailable to an order through the admin interface.

Reason: I need to add extra items like printing and customization. Those items does not need to be available on the public side.

Anyone? THX!

Make a new category but make sure it’s unavailable, that way it won’t show up in the customer area. Add your products to this category, but make sure they are available. Now when creating or editing an order in admin you can search for your product by code and add it to the order ( make sure your put a qty before pressing the ADD button ). I’ve just tried and it seems to work.

Good point. I tried the trick. CS does prevent those items from being shown in the search results when searching for it. But… unfortunately the item is shown in ‘Bestsellers’, ‘Customers who bought this product also bought’ below an item, when added a few times to an order via the Admin. Can this easily been switched of?