Add new storefront Umtimate

Hi there

I must be missing something or being really dumb, but I am having issues with different storefronts on Ultimate. I have paid for three storefronts licenses, saw that ultimate only gives you two. So I wanted to setup up a new storefront and was told to just go to “all stores” then “stores” and add a store. However I see then that i can create a countless number of stores via this route… This cant be what I am looking for as i have paid for three licenses! so I am stumped on where to go from here. If anybody can add some clarity that would be greatly appreciated.

In the same vein that the the “30 day trial” will keep on going, albeit with warnings every time you authenticate (log-in and a few others), CS-Cart will police this and ensure your install has X number of storefronts for X number of licenses.