Add new section/tab to Block Manager

I would like to create an additional section or tab (not sure of the name) in the block manager, alongside of “All pages”, “products”, etc, to be called “store”.

The reason is that I would like to change the homepage to something more representative, and then to link through to the second page which is the actual “store”, with its products etc.

I want to use some of the blocks as its much easier that way.

Now I didnt find any mention of this here in the topic, and when contacting customer service, I got the standard reply that “Modifications to the code… are not covered by our standard …” etc

I found the /controllers/admin/block_manager.php, where all the section/tabs are apparently listed, and by adding a new one, I apparently caused an error when one of the arguments was executed in line 154. Doing a text search, I also found empty directories with the same names in my skin directory under /skins/[yourskinname]/blocks/locations for example … still, all this DYI didnt give any result.

Did anyone try this before? Please help!

Use a Custom html page index.html as the home page then link that to whatever/


[quote name='johnbol1' timestamp='1318301968' post='123374']

Use a Custom html page index.html as the home page then link that to whatever/



John, I apprecite that, of course I could do it like that, but I'd like to use blocks on it, just like on the other pages. The same blocks.

Update : it must be part of the /controllers/admin/block_manager.php file. It refers to the MySql database records cscart_block_location_descriptions for example, where I added a new tab (or so I hoped). For some reason, I can alter eg. the meta data of an existing tab, but when I add a new one, it is not displayed (after cleaning the cache). So there must be a further array which lists all the tabs to be displayed.

Also, in the same block_manager.php file I noticed this section :

// [Page sections]

if (!empty($locations)) {

foreach ($locations as $location => $_location) {

Registry::set(“navigation.tabs.$location”, array (

'title' => fn_get_lang_var($location),

'href' => “block_manager.manage?selected_section=$location”




// [/Page sections]

I did a text search for various items throughout the installation, I assume that the navigation.tabs.$location could hold the key.

Did anyone mess with this before? Could use some help, its the third night in a row I'm sitting and trying to solve this puzzle.