Add new category for multiple products without altering their own categories

I want to add a new category for selected products without altering their own categories. What I did: I select several products from products page in admin, I choose Edit Selected from Choose Action button, I checked only Categories section from Select fields to edit pop-up window, hit Modify Selected, then click on Apply values to all the selected product check Categories → Add Categories, I select the new category that I want to be add to existing ones. The result is not what I'm expected - the existed categories is overwritten with new selected category. How should I add selected category to existed ones?

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I was actually hoping for a solution to this problem as well…

I ran into this problem the other day. I think (hope) it is a bug.

You have to assign e new category to each product by hand when you are in bulk edit mode.

If you use apply a value to all selected categories, it will first delete the current values and than writes the newly assigned one.


Yes, but it should be a option to “Add” or “Replace”.

I use version 3.0.3 and I have that problem also, some of my products have to be in multiple categories. I dont want to clone them…

There has to be a way to fix this?

ok fixed

Can you say how and when this was fixed? When you are in the bulk edit mode and click “apply to all” you get to select “add category”. But it doesn't “add”. It replaces. Sure would be nice to have an add. This sounds like a bug to me.

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Can you say how and when this was fixed? [/quote]

Agreed, it's usually nice to share the solution

does the secondary category import option not work any more then in 3.0x