Add multiple product options at once

So, let’s say you sell t-shirts in like 10,000 different colors. You want customers to pick their type, size, and in the product options - choose colors from a drop down menu.

I know 10,000 colors is a bit nuts but with the current product options on CS-Cart you input “blue” and then hit “update” and then “royal blue” and then hit update and then after hitting update and waiting for the page each time you hit update (8,000 times in all), your finally done!!! :frowning:

It would be cool if on the details page of each product option, if it would say how say something like “how many options do you want to create” and if you say something like 100, it would generate 100 slots for you to fill in, rather than have to hit “update” after each and every one just to generate a new slot.

It’s just an idea.

We needed the functionality of where the customer can add many variants to the cart in one go so we had to get CS to develop it for us.

ckad, if you’re talking about the time it takes to add the options in the admin backend, you might try hitting the little + button to the right of the option you’re adding. it adds another option to be filled in right below it. If you need to add 10 options, just hit that + button 10 times (no page refresh necessary) and fill them all in at once. saves a lot of time.

but I guess typing in “10” into a field and hitting add would be cool too.


I can’t believe I didn’t see that option before… so simple. haha