Add Multi-Product Manual Checkout

We have made the switch from OsCommerce recently and have a feature in our Oscommerce store that we are having trouble duplicating for Cs Cart. You can go to the following link to see exactly how it works, [url=“”][/url], but essentially what you are doing is selecting a year, make, and model from this catalog embed we have to display part numbers, the user can search that catalog for the part numbers they need and put them in the input box below they can also select a quantity as well. They can do this for up to 14 different part numbers if they like. Once they have all the part numbers they want and the quantities input they can select add to cart and it will add all the different parts and quantities to the cart. If a part is out of stock or input in correctly is will give an error stating so and end the process.

Does anyone know of a quick modification to make this possible or can maybe point us in the right direction this is a big part of our online store and very important that we set up. I am good at building forms and creating small php scripts, but this is a bit over my head. Any help would be greatly appreciated. There is a screenshot below as well.



Have a look at this free addon:,11



Thank you for this. It was very helpful

Glad to help, Welcome to the CS-Cart community