Add More Options When Adding A Product

Hi guys, I'd like to be able to include all of the product options when first creating a product, is this possible?

It seems you have to "add product" before you have access to the other edit product options. The main thing I want to be able to do is edit the weight of the product before adding the product. This way it helps to prevent user error if they forget to add a weight to the product.

Add Product:


Edit Product:




If all of your product options and weights are the same you could create one "dummy" product and then clone it each time for the new product.

Or ask someone to tell you how to make the required field "weight" to be "required" to be filled in or it throws a warning

That won't help. It's Multi vendor. Thanks for responding.

If products need to be approved, then products need to be approved twice because all of the options aren't available until the product is posted.