Add Javascript twitter Follow Button

Hi All,

I am trying to add a javascript twitter follow button to my website however it doesn’t work properly at all, I cannot seem to edit details such as hide count etc. I am just trying to add it to the my account block if possible.

any help would be greatly appreciated.

This is the code I am trying to get to work.

Thank you

I'm not exactly sure how you are trying to add the code, but did you try {literal} tags?

So, instead of:



And be sure to clear your cache after you are done.

Hope that helps,


Thanks Brandonvd, im trying to implement the following code however none of the options such as data-show-count seem to work. When selecting save these lines of code get deleted.


Follow @twitterapi


How are you trying to add this code?

If using the wysiwyg editor source mode TinyMCE does strange things to code in source code mode, use CKEditor instead.

Thanks SO much far that, works a treat now! :D

height: 250px !important;
width: 182px !important;