Add images to each global option variant

Hi, I’ve add a global option with approx 15 variants. I’d like to add images to each variant, so when the customer selects one the photo changes to match their selection. Is this possible?

I did check in the product under Product Options & looked in Option Combinations & saw a place to add photos, but it asks for a Product Code which I don’t use, and also can’t figure out how to link them to the product options I set up. Hope this makes sense!



When you look at your options, there should be a link that says “rebuild combination” From there you should be able to add photos of each variant. It does ask for a product code, but you don’t need to use it.

When I click on Rebuild Combinations, it doesn’t do anything.

Here’s a sreenshot of what I see. There is only a box for Product Code so I don’t understand how it will tie in to each product option.

OK I figured out my problem. I had unchecked “Inventory” for my global option, so that’s why my options weren’t showing.

Thanks for your time,