Add Google WebFont with "My Changes" Add-on

I created the file in design/themes/basic/templates/addons/my_changes/hooks/index with the following content:

But not shows the link in site source :(

P.S. I am using CS-cart V4

it works in V3 but not V4

Not how you do it in V4. You use a {styles} tag and put your css/less file in the proper directory within the design/themes tree. See other posts for examples and/or consult cs-cart documentation (sic).


I can not add in the css/less file,

because it changes as this; [color=#000000]@import url('…/…/…/…/…/…/…/…/design/themes/basic/media/,700');[/color]

Thank you,

I have no idea what you've done to get those results. If you want to provide actual details of what he contents of your is, we can try to figure it out.

Given that you want to provide a remote reference to this css, you might have to do it via the “index:meta” hook. I.e. put your 'link' tag that refers to the remote location in the file …/my_changes/hooks/index/

Since this is still in the 'header' area, it should resolve properly.

Dear tbirnseth,

Thanks for help, works for me,

Yes, your case is a bit different because you are referencing css that is remote versus within the site.