Add Gift Wrap Option On Checkout Page

Preliminary docs are here.

Brilliant!, that sounds great.

I note that the cost can be set as a Flat Rate or % of total items.

But can it be set to Fixed Rate + %?

eg. (Global Subtotal=$100 with Insurance Service set to $1 + 1%) the service fee will be $2.

And at the risk of over complicating things. ... it would be good to be able to assign per shipping method.

Really, I think, for offering Shipping Insurance a separate addon dedicated to just offering insurance to shipping methods would be less complicated , rather than this being part of another more powerful addon.

Creating duplicate shipping methods "with insurance" isnt a practical option.

I'm not sure how to specify a modifer based on the amount of a service fee plus some percentage. The percent modifer would work on a 'product' for this, but it's not really designed for modifying "services".

It would be a lot easier to do a small custom addon that wold offer shipping insurance and to add a checkbox to the shipping setup as to whether insurance is available for that shipping method and how to calculate the insurance. You could then have a specific list of calculations that relate to all shipping methods. And if it's selected then that calc would be performed and that "fee" would be added to the order.

But seems like "insurance" option should be built into the various shipping methods in the core versus having to do an addon for this.

Hi, I may have confused things by using the word "service".

It would be a lot easier to do a small custom addon that wold offer shipping insurance and to add a checkbox to the shipping setup ......

I agree, the insurance needs to be part of the shipping mechanism, with a separate checkbox and cost settings block in the Editing shipping method: Shipping Charges admin page.

This would allow a checkbox on Checkout/Cart for customer to see the insurance cost and select it if desired.

I guess Im getting a bit off-topic .but..

a. If the way that the shipping mechanism of v4 works is the same as it was in v2 then we will also need this fixed as we have another addon that requires major fixes the the program-flow of the shipping mechanism. v2 shipping mechanism was a dogs-breakfast and never worked well.

b. While getting any custom addon done for this, we would be keen to also add the ability fro calculation of mas based on Parcel Volume. This is needed when correctly calculating manual methods for Australia Post.

But seems like "insurance" option should be built into the various shipping methods in the core versus having to do an addon for this.

Absolutely... It is just mind-numbing that cscart STILL has not incorporated the offering of insurance into the core. So many other carts have this as standard.

Almost all realtime shipping methods already have an insurance option in the request to the carrier. It's just not supported by cs-cart. I "think" in the USPS realtime that an insured method is supported.

For the non-realtime methods, it would need to be added to the rates page and calculated as part of shipping cost and should be have the following properties

- valuation (subtotal of items? specific items only? excluded items?)

- flat rate or percent of valuation

For simplicity sake, I would suggest it apply to the valuation of the whole shipment and be applied to the value of each package in the shipment. I.e. if you have a shipment of 4 boxes, you might have 4 different insurance costs impacting the shipping cost.

We've released our new update to EZ Checkout Summary fields. Announcement is located at:

@tbirnseth we bought your plugin but the gift wrapping charges doesn't add to the total order which makes it of no use to offer gift wrapping

Please contact me via email (support at with specifics and I'll be happy to help you.

How many storefronts do you have?

Have you saved the info for all storefronts?

Note also that there is a known defect in a template that will not show the modifier value that was saved. Please contact us for a patched template. The fix will be available in the next release of the addon.

We've not seen a case where the modifier is not applied to the order_total nor the subtotal. Please provide more details.

We have released a new version with this issue resolved on both the admin and customer sides. If you don't want to wait for the automatic upgrades (or you have them turned off), you can upgrade by using the following url:


This will check your license and current version and upgrade your store appropriately.

Posting a little late:

You can always create the product to be hidden and create a "products block" under content set filling to "manually" with the item, for block setting un tick hide add to cart button, use template "Products", set show item number to off and select hide options, set the wrapper to Sidebox Important (or which ever your theme uses), use settings as that you can add to your checkout layout page,

Then go to your design->layout and add the block just before the main content block in you checkout layout.

if you want to get fancy you can modify the block template to not show if item is in cart

(design/themese/YOURTHEME/templates/blocks/products/products.tpl) **not tested** but something like

{if $cart.session_id.products.product_code == "your product_code"}


hope thats a good starting point