Add Free Shipping Image Or Text To Item

Is there any way you can automatically add a Free Shipping Image or text (or both) to all items that are marked as Free Shipping like what happens when you have an item/s on sale?

See attached picture

Thank you in advance



You can use the Promo text field on the Editing product page to set your text or image. In order for this promo text to appear only when the free shipping is applied to the product, you should replace the following part of code in the design/themes/[YOUR_THEME]/templates/blocks/product_templates/default_template.tpl file:

{hook name="products:promo_text"}

{$product.promo_text nofilter}


with this one:

{if $product.free_shipping == 'Y'}
{hook name="products:promo_text"}

{$product.promo_text nofilter}


I hope this will help.

Thank you again simetch your assistance and help on these forums is greatly appreciated

I have updated to 4.2.1 so will this mod still work with the new version?

Also this mod wont alter the Free Shipping Image or text one will it and will both work together if we have botha sale and free shipping on an item?

We are glad to help you. It will work on 4.2.1.

With these modifications, the product promo text will not be displayed unless the free shipping option is enabled for the specific product.

fuggsy, use the products:promo_text hook and My changes add-on instead of changing the core templates

Thanks ecom thats what I am doing now.