Add Custom Field

Im trying to add a custom field on products.tpl

already create it on Db (in product_descriptions), and products_update.tpl, that portion of circuit works fine. I add info to the field on product_update.tpl from admin backend, and grab it to the DataBase field.

Now im calling it from customer/products.tpl on this way


it dont show it.

If i call it from customer/product_details.tpl it works perfectly.

anyone can help me out with this ?

Thanks in advance

in…/customer/products.php you’ll need to modify one of the queries and add the custom field “my_customField” to the mysql SELECT query, off the top of my head I’m not sure where in products.php you’ll need to add this field but poking around you should be able to figure it out…

hey there snorocket, thanks for your reply

I was looking around products.php and add this Db query, but still cant get it working.

$_data[‘my_customField’] = db_get_field(“SELECT my_customField FROM $db_tables[product_descriptions] WHERE my_customField=‘$_data[my_customField]’ AND lang_code=‘$cart_language’”);