Add Brand And Brand Categories


We have been trying to figure out how to allow a seller to add brands and then these brands can be used by other sellers to add product categories and sub-categories.

For example, as follow:

1. We have a situation where a seller who is the brand owner of a series of Laser machines and these laser machines are used by other sellers (clinics) on the marketplace to provide treatments to the end-users.
2. We want this brand owner to update the brands, laser machines categories and description in their store.
3. The brands and laser categories will be made available to other sellers (clinics) to update their treatment offerings to the end-users.
4. The result: If an end-user search for a brand, especially when sometimes the brand is so famous until the brand name become a treatment name, for example, Botox. The treatment under this brand will be showing.
5. If the user searches a product, in our case it is a treatment, let's say slimming. All slimming treatments will be showing regardless of the brand name. But, the end-user can see the brand name on the product page as the default ones.

I hope someone can suggest a solution, thanks so much.