Add Blocks to Catalog Page

I need to have a block of html appear at the top of the Catalog page, as well as at the top of Category pages. When I add the block to all pages and disable it on everything except Categories, the block appears at the top of 'My Account', as well as on Catalog and Category pages - not good. So, how do I get a block of html at the top of the Catalog (categories.catalog) and Category pages without it appearing anywhere else?

This post offeres a tweak that addresses the same issue. However, it's not working for me (I don't know what version of cs-cart I have, but I just purchased it 2 weeks ago). Can someone help me resolve this?

Thanks. I really appreciate the help

Does anyone have a solution for this?


I think you need version 3 for that.

I am not sure if you can do that in version 2, even with the use of “if”.



You should add this line

'catalog' => 'category_id',


'categories' => 'category_id',

in function fn_get_block_locations() on /core/fn.csm.php file or you can add it via hook “get_block_locations”

I did this for my wholesale store.

In ver3, using Blocks:

Add Location: choose Catalog from Dispatch menu and name it Catalog

Add Grid: width: 16, Content alignment: full width

Add Blocks: Breadcrumbs, Catalog, HTML Block (reason I wanted to edit the page)

This worked and is probably the proper course of action, but the problem with this is that the templates available in Catalog Block Options do not include the images that are displayed on the default Catalog page (index.php?dispatch=categories.catalog).

I additionally added a link to “Catalog” in the Quick Menu (I actually just changed the default Gift Certifcates link, as I don't offer Gift Certificates to my wholesale customers).

The problem expressed above was solved by removing the Catalog Block and replacing it with the Main Content Block.