Add Additional Shipping By Product Option?


We can't be the only ones dealing with DIM problems now and CSC doesn't seem to have a way to gracefully add shipping charges.

Yes, you can add by their three categories but other carts let you add a percent or flat rate to the calculated charge not just add a percent or amount based on number of items, cost or weight.

Here is an example. If we sell 1000 plastic bottles, they take up a lot of space but don't weigh a lot. The larger box required to ship this means we fall victim to DIM pricing. If 1000 bottles were a single product, we could easily say “If > x weight, add X.xx $ to the charge” in the product shipping properties. However, when you are running product options it is not possible.

The only place to add the extra charge is in the product shipping settings OR the shipping method. Obviously, I don't want to add 10.00 if the customer chooses a single bottle, and I can't add to the shipping method because it would charge everyone that ships that way regardless of if they have bottles in their order or not.

What's needed is a way to not only declare the weight and price in the product options but also a shipping add-on.

Size price Weight Shipping Add

1 .50 .020 0

10 .45 .200 1.00

100 .39 2.00 2.50

This way, a single bottle is not going to trigger a DIM, even 10 isn't going to and there is no need to add addition shipping fees. When the customer orders 500 bottles though, then $12.50 will be added on to the current UPS live rate for the weight.

Maybe we simply don't see the solution. Has anyone had this need and figured it out?

We don't want to list all product options as single products and this only affects a few of our products in general. everything else is heavier and not a problem.

Thanks in Advance!

Have you tried as per image or even further using the per gram check box


Hi johnbol1,

Thanks for replying. I don't think that would be the solution as it is part of the shipping method (i.e. UPS Ground.) This would mean that ANY products going that method would have the shipping uncharge added. The goal is to only add charges for bottles purchased in bulk as the box gets bigger and the DIM charges go up.

We only want to add an additional charge for the bottles as 400 bottles only fit in a 13x13x13 box and the DIM weight on it is 13.23 lbs but all 400 bottles only weigh 8.0lbs. In this scenario we only charged the customer a little more than half of what the charge should have been. The charge was correct for the weight, but not for the size box it had to go in and we lost quite a bit on shipping charges.

I see, then what about setting 2 shipping types, the first one only up to 8.lbs and the second from 8lbs and above.

We have 3 shipping methods set up this way. 1 for up to 200 grams (post/mail) 1 for up to 50kg (ups) and 1 for pallet freight (lorry) when each weight threshold is met only that shipping is allowed to choose from.