Add Additional Product Field For Product Size, I.e. Ounces

When I create a product there are a list fields that show up on the front end.




How can I add an additional field in the general tab under products.

I need a field called Size:

So my front end would look like this


Hot Sauce


Vendor: Hot5


Availability: In stock


Size: 8oz


Can this be done using options or features?



You could try one of these add ons:

CS-Cart Shipping availability add-on

…they are for shipping availability, but you can use them for what ever info you want.

Thanks I will look into that. Is there any other way besides an add on?


If you have different sizes for your products you can of course use Options, and a drop down menu will show, but if you only need a line of text i think you have to use an add-on or edit your template.

If I understand you correctly, this can be done via the Features functionality. Each feature has the Show in product header setting. If this setting is enabled, the feature value will be displayed on the Product details page. If you want to change the position of this label, additional code modifications are required.