Add Ability To Backup, Download, And Delete Logs Based On Date Range

Add ability to backup, download, and delete logs based on date range

We would like to implement a policy where we retain logs on site for up to X number of months.

We would like to be able to archive older logs in case we need them

Currently you can only remove all of your logs from the control panel.

I suggest adding the ability to "delete logs older than X number of days" with the option of archiving those logs.

Our EZ Admin Manager addon allows you to delete logs while retaining some number of days (default is 30) of logs. There is no backup of the deleted logs but we could extend it for you as custom development. The addon provides lots of other capabilities too like:

- Site file change reporting (not just core files, and it's accurate versus anomalous).

- Scanning for known malware injections

- Backup database

- Change admin URL

- clear cache(s)

- clear statistics (with same preservation as logs described above)

- update currencies

- sync orders to users (older anonymous orders to new users).

Thanks I can already do this on my own. This is a feature request for basic functionality to be added to the cart.