Add a tooltip where it says quantity on the product page?

So right now I have some html (in my translations) that has a link to my discount page where it says “quantity” on the product pages. It has worked fine for the last decade but wondering if there is a way to make it a little more customer friendly. Is there an easy way to make it so it works like a tooltip? I’ve tried some html/css code and it doesn’t seem to work when using it in translations. Or open to ideas on how to easily show customers that our discounts start at just two items (plus a little more information about our discounts).

Can you please share a screenshot of how you have it now ?

Why would you want to use CSS in translations?

Here is what I currently have which is just a link. This forces customers off the product page which I am not a fan of.

So I’m just looking for a mouse over style tooltip to provide this information so the customer doesn’t have to leave the page.

I’m not using CSS in the translations…just creating a class and using html in the translations field. I’m guessing I could hard code something in but this is more than I’m used to doing and would like to easily change things in the future if needed.