Add a new carrier

Which version of CS-Cart can this guide ([url]CS-Cart Documentation — CS-Cart 4.16.x documentation) be applied?

I am using CS-Cart 2.0.10, but I cannot find some of the files mentioned in the guide. Any suggestions?

The guide is incorrect. I’ve posted a correction for CS-Cart to review.

[quote name=‘JesseLeeStringer’]The guide is incorrect. I’ve posted a correction for CS-Cart to review.[/QUOTE]

I have did my own customization, it seems to work fine so far. I just searched for all occurrences of say “DHL”, and added relevant codes for my carrier. :slight_smile:

Has this article been corrected yet…? I need to add Canada post ASAP. :!:

I’m going to try the search again , my last file search failed :frowning:

I’ve spent hours trying to get this to work and then found this thread. I tried the work around as suggested above but it made no difference.

Whatever I do, when I click on the trackable link it just brings me back to the order details page. I can add the new shipment information in fine, but go to look at an order under the Shipping Information tab and I end up in a loop. Hovering over the tracking number it is pointing to:


It is not looking at the carriers.tpl file where I have added the tracking information at all. It seems to be completely by passing it.

Even if I change one of the established carriers, eg UPS to point to my link, it is not picking it up.

I have obviously missed something VERY obvious but cannot work out what it is.

We are looking at moving to CS Cart and this is a really good feature which we need to get working. SIGH! :slight_smile:

Any help appreciated!