Add a Form to a Design Block

How can I add a form to a product tab?

For instance, if you go into the product detail page, there are tabs for Description, Send to Friend, Tags. I want to add a new tab called “Quote Request”.

I know Design > Product Tabs. Add Product Tab which makes you select a block. But how can I add a block that utilizes a form? I hope we don't have to pick HTML block and handcode all the coding to make our own form.

Ideas or any help??

Yeah, that's a good requirement

There's a free add-on, available for both V2 and V3, called “Product Inquiry” - I believe there's 2 or 3 different versions from various developers, which you could easily change the language variables to add a “Request Quote” tab with form for entering name/email/phone/product/message details, etc. Should be fairly easy to implement.