Add a Block to a Single Content Page: Is This Correct?

Using version 3.0.6

I want to add a block (manually filled with certain products) to a content page on my site.

I go to Design>Blocks and define my block and add it to the “Pages” location.

At that point, the block is active on EVERY content page. There's no way that I can find to tell it I don't want it on every content page. So I move the activate/deactivate toggle to “deactivate.”

Then I go to the actual page I'm wanting to add this to, go to “Blocks” and toggle it to Activate.

This seems to work. I get a custom block with products hand picked by me on that page.

But is this the correct way of doing it? Is there a better/more correct way?

Thanks for you input.

That's how I do it. I made a New Releases page this way. It gets even hairier when you want to add a menu of sub-pages to a page. It took me a while to understand the navigation structure so I could create a 30 Day Guarantee page with multiple sub-pages that included the Return Policy and Return Instructions. Then the menu needed formatting. But… all the elements are there and you can use it like any old CMS.

Hi sorry to piggy back,

does this mean if you have multiple pages, you have lots of different blocks whcih are deactivated on your pages block? only activating the right one in the page itself?

ive done this as said before but all my pages, the content bleeds over my footer which doesnt make sense as the block is in the main content grid.

has anybody got any advice?

Limbo that's probably caused by some class you are applying to the HTML in your blocks. Mine don't do that.

And yes, IF you have multiple pages, all the different blocks for pages are deactivated except for the block(s) you want for each specific page - activated on the page's block settings.