Adblock Blocking Banners

We have recently discovered that some of our banners are being blocked by AdBlock.

When exploring for the reason of the blocking it seems to be that for Japanese Language "promo" is written as a flag for images to be blocked. Since the banners reside in the /images/promo/ folder they are being blocked.

Is there a way to easily change the folder name for banners?


You could search the banners addon and find references to 'promo' and adjust them to something else, then modify the cscart_images_links table to change 'promo' to the replacement name. There may be other things that have 'promo' hard-wired, but generally the images_links table determines the sub-directory within 'images' that is used.

Okay, thank you for the reply ill try what you said.

Update: This worked perfectly, thanks.