Adapt Old, Legendary, Product Configurator Addon To Cs-Cart V.4.9.x And Higher


I'd like to ask if someone would like to adapt the old "Product Configurator" addon that used to came as standard in Cs-Cart a long ago to the newest versions of Cs-Cart (specifically 4.9.x to 4.11.x).

I've made a short video explaining how do we use this addon, in order to give context:

The add-on as is now is working OK on Cs_Cart v.4.9.3, but it is incompatible with the "Product Variations" standard Cs-Cart feature. The service I need is to make the necessary adjustments to the old Product Configurator Add-on so that it is 100% compatible with actual Cs-Cart versions.

This is a paid services request, and we'd willing to go through this process if the price is affordable to us. We use this add-on mainly during summer time as the selling of text books is highly seasonal.

In case somebody is interested, I am open to discuss more deeply the requirements and provide all additional information that you may need.

Just to mention, Cs-Cart released the add-onn on GitHub: Some years ago, we had already bought the adaptation of this addon to the version that was in use at that time (I think it was 3.x), and I would be able to provide the files that are actually in use on our site.

Many thanks in advance!

Marc Olivé i Valls

El Nucli - Sobrerroca