Adapt Add-On

I need help to adapt this add-on, I try with this documentation: , but don’t work

attached the add-on.

add-on version: 3.x.x

version needed: 4.x.x

Thanks!! :D


Or you could get it for version 4 here;

CS-Cart Shipping availability add-on

It is not completely optimized for 4.1.2, but it works.

Sure no problem, I love making addons, its one of my favorite past times, check it out in Third-Party Addons - Sno

thanks :DDDDD

I need some help too,

please, please help me adapt AutoSuggest addon to work in 4.x!

I have follow the docs , try at lest 100 times, but always get “ErrorOops, something went wrong (SyntaxError: JSON.parse: unexpected character). Please try again.”

Please help me

Yes if someone can adapt the AutoSuggest addon for v 4.x it would be great.

Have you seen this?