Accounting Feature Proof - v.4.16.1


The help desk team told me that there is no problem in their update.
They said that there is something worng with my update, localy on my servers.
I beleve they are wrong - since the only addons I have up-and-riunning is CS-cart & AlexBrandning (theme).

Can anyone accually send me a proof that CS-cart added, in version 4.16.1, tis feature in Accounting;
(this feature should exist on both Admin Accounting & Vendor Accounting)

This is how accounting looks on “Admin Accounting”:

This is how accounting looks on “Vendor Accounting”:

In comment section, this feature is what CS-cart Team said would be included in v. 4.16.1:

Now, lets see…
Can someone accutally say/show that CS-cart have added this, legal, feature to the version 4.16.1?
Anyone who can take a printscreen of their accounting, with purchase/test purchase after updating, where you can see Stripe Fee?

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Please check it on the demo

I was right then, there feature was not included in the new update (4.16.1).
@CS-Cart_team is just trying to get us to pay for a support that can’t do anything about the problem anyway…

In the demo that you provided @ecomlabs, I added Stripe connect addon together with all the developer settings (test keys, etc.) and connected the CS-cart vendor to Stripe as well. Then I proceeded with a purchase and check accounting.



Payment Method:

Admin Accounting:

Vendor Accounting:

When you say you should add the legal requirements in the upcoming version, then don’t you thing you should keep that word true so that the software is ilegal to use, @CS-Cart_team ?

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Thank you for drawing my attention to this. I will check this issue in the coming days and will get back to you with the news.

I was able to check this. The info on Stripe commission is present in the withdrawal: