Account Manager Or Territory Sales Rep User?


Does anyone know of an addon or feature for CS-Cart that would allow us to set up users as account managers or territory managers so that they could log in and view only their OWN customers, any orders placed by their customers, and could create new customers and create new orders for their customers? But not see any other customers or orders?

I was hoping the affiliate addon would work for this, but it doesn't look like an affiliate can log in to see their own customers and any orders placed by those customers.

I can set up a user group called Territory Manager and allow that user group to create and view orders, create and view customers, but not do any other admin things - but I can't figure out a way to limit the customers and orders that they can see to only their own.

Please let me know if there is any feature or addon that would work for this, or if anyone has the ability to develop an addon like this.

Thank you!


I just found this addon by SimTech and got all excited, but it doesn't allow for setting permissions per customer - only per order and per product: We would need a territory manager to be able to log in and see all orders placed by his/her customers, and to be able to create a new customer that would be in his/her territory and place an order for that customer.