Accidently deleted text in design mode. Now have a white space I can't remove

Hi jbenito,

Just a quick tip on hidding whatever you want without messing the all thing;

For instance, you were asking about how to hide the My Account links, so, in this case, you should go to "skins/your skin/customer/blocks/my_account.tpl " and put the pieces of code refering to the links you do not want to show between {* text }.

For example, in my shop I have the download orders link hidden, so:


  • {$lang.downloads}
  • *}

    This way, you will not ruin the shop you are building and you will be able to hide whatever links or features you want not only in blocks but everywere. I have done this for dozens of little things :wink:

    [quote name=‘jbenitos’]lol lol lol

    Maybe I should use lol…Hmmmmmmm


    Hmmmmmmmmmmm NOT sure about the “xxx” LOL Ha Ha :lol:

    just showing some friendly love :wink:

    Thanks for the tip E.Qi.Librium

    The only thing with what you are saying is it gets me a bit worried changing the tpl files. If for instance in the future the client asked me to enable downloads again I would be a bit lost.

    I’m sure with time and confidence I can go down that route though.

    EDIT: Maybe I should invest in a log book haha