Accidently deleted text in design mode. Now have a white space I can't remove

Hey everyone,

I’ve got a quick question regarding a small tweak.

Does anyone know how I can move the text up on my contacts page (Refer to the attachment). I’ve accidently deleted the asterix information in design mode. The bit that says something like " *these fields are required bla bla".

The trouble is by deleting that i’ve now got a gap in that position. I’m not quite sure how I can move my text up?. Or do I need to create a language variable?.



Go into Form builder and make Customer Information inactive.


Thanks for your reply. But customer information doesn’t exist in the form builder?


Sorry my bad. Personal Information.

thanks mate.

I seems to have another one messed up aswell :frowning:

downloads now shows as _downloads in the my account box.

Do you know what the language variable is for it so I can add it back. I suppose that’s a possibility?

What I basically done is clear the contens from some language variables thinking it would remove them from the main page. Then that left spaces between the links so I deleted the language variables.

I’ve done the same thing for downloads and tags. Feel like a right idiot now though. And even deleting the language variables still left gaps between the links. i even tried to clear the text in translation mode but it still left gaps.


The best way to get the variables you are missing is probably to look at the demo and find out what the variables are named.

Look here: [url]Instant Demo - CS-Cart Multi-Vendor Demo Try Free for 15 days

Hope that helps.


Thanks I will go check that out.

I’m going to put the variables back. The only trouble is…how do I succesfully remove the links from ‘My Account’?. I really have no idea.


Maybe you should hire a designer to get this thing done.


You ought to make your home link [url][/url] instead of [url][/url]

what do you mean?.

EDIT: I see what you mean. The Home button haha. I thought you was saying something else.

I’ve sorted it now. Cheers :slight_smile:


Just a couple of suggestions:

  1. When you click on a category, the payments accepted block moved on top of the category block.

  2. When you click on Contact Us, it shows the payments accepted block twice.

    Just a little feedback.


Thanks for that. All solved now.

I know another bit of feedback would be to make some fancy icons for the Products page that shows when you click the button. But the guy i’m building it for just wants text there as he has some of his own icons he wants to put on there…once he gets a CD he said.

But it’s not that important to him at the moment.

Other than that the only problem I can now see is the contact us page having the white space near the top. But I think I messed it up by deleting a variable.

EDIT: It’s funny how I have CS Expert next to my name now. hahahahah not a chance. I know it’s just how forum systems work and not something that was manually assigned though. Nevermind, maybe I will be an expert in the future.


You should really go through the buying experience on the site. I just found another place where there is two payments accepted blocks.

Did you look at the demo to see what the variable was that you deleted?


[QUOTE]EDIT: It’s funny how I have CS Expert next to my name now. hahahahah not a chance. I know it’s just how forum systems work and not something that was manually assigned though. Nevermind, maybe I will be an expert in the future.[/QUOTE]

We absolutely cannot wait until you build your next store! :smiley: :smiley:

Sorry Jbenitos, I just could not help myself in giving you a hard time!

haha it’s all good. It makes life more interesting :smiley:

I understand I have been a right pain the backside though. Maybe I can calm down a bit now that I have time to study it…and no deadlines.

I’m sure the next store will be a better attempt than this one. Although it caused me great stress and long nights working with CS Cart, I did enjoy it.

Thanks everyone anyways

EDIT: I removed the 2nd block from the checkout page now. I was having a funny time with the blocks for a while, and seemed to add more than 1 during testing. Thanks

Ya know, I still think it would look better without that gray page border, I would just go with a white border.

Also, you always want to test your site in a few of the most popular browser types to be certain it displays fine in IE as well as Firefox, Safari, Chrome, etc.

There, that is the last tip you are gonna get today from “Struck in the Mud” web development services!

haha thanks.

I will add “download all the browsers and try out the website” to my testing plan. I’m currently creating a test document so I can go through ticking all the possible situations.

The trouble with the white is it looks like I have loads of white space then though?. Trying to give some focus to the centre I suppose.

I’m not sure. Hmmmm

EDIT: Only one way forward. I posting a poll haha

What’s with all the ‘haha’s’:rolleyes:

lol lol lol

Maybe I should use lol…Hmmmmmmm