Access restrictions for ipv6

hello everyone,
i not know before asking this question. Cs-cart not make update about Access restrictions for new generation IP’s mean ipv6. When i want block ipv6 not accept it. Or system rules not accept?

How can i set work Access restrictions for ipv4 and ipv6

Thank you for infromations.


The possibility to use IPv6 addresses in the Access restrictions add-on was added in the version 4.15.1:

Please upgrade your installation to this version, in order to be able manage IPv6 addresses in the Access restrictions add-on.

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But my some license is less versions. how can make add codes or make changes on codes OR add addons for less versions… Thaks

I am afraid the necessary changes cannot be provided for the elder versions, since:

  1. Changes contain migrations in order to work.
  2. We only provide security fixes (and some bug fixes) for free in the form of the .diff file with necessary changes. I am afraid, but changes that bring new features and functionality, can only be obtained by upgrading your store to the version in which it appeared for the first time.

I hope this explains the situation.

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Hello again,
Thank you for fast reply…
Maybe one developer build a free addon for old versions :slight_smile:

Thank you again for informations.
God bless you!

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