Access Denied for Customers Viewing Order Info

My customers are complaining that when they enter their order number into the “track my order” field, and a system generated email is sent to them, that the tracking link in that email relays an “access denied” error.

I’m assuming there is some sort of permission setting within my admin that I do not have configured properly.

Or, could they be getting the error because their order is still in the “processed” stage, and not in the “shipped or completed” stage?

It would save me a ton of time if I didn’t have to manually respond to each customers’ order inquiry regarding tracking information.

Any suggestions are much appreciated! Thanks.

Provide a sample (like a test order) of the URL sent in the email and we can probably diagnose from there. Normall, any addon file accessed where the define of ‘AREA’ is undefined will generate an ‘Access denied’ message and die. It’s a security issue. It could also be that the key in the url has expired or is not know to your system. You can look in the db to see if the specified key exists or not.