Access any drive across the internet?

This isn't a Cs-Cart question; more like a file sharing/network question.

At our office, we currently have a network setup with our router and we each share files, pull them up in programs, edit them, delete them, etc.

Problem is, a few guys work from home now and need instant access to the files and the ability to pull them in programs, edit them, etc.

I through about putting all of my company files on a FTP server but the problem with that is, each employee has to download the file they want to their PC, edit the file, save it and then upload the SAVED file via the FTP program and replace the old file. It's very time consuming and I also worry about people downloading files and creating duplicates and the wrong files being replaced, etc.

Thing is, one of the PCs at my office has a mapped drive we called “Z drive” that we all have access to. Everybody at work has mapped it. So, we each pull files like doc files from Z, edit them in Word, and once we save them… EVERYBODY sees the changed file. What would be great would be if I could get my employees from home to have direct access to the Z drive, like they do at work and actually map that Z drive at home. That way, they could open up Word, choose FILE > OPEN and scroll to the network > computers, Z drive, choose the file and it opens it Word where it can be edited, changed, etc.

I recently purchased a Seagate GoFlex portable hard drive that is connected to a wireless router at my office and SeaGate provides me with a link, where employees can access the secured content stored on MY own SeaGate drive, here at the office. This is almost perfect but simply lists each file on the drive. I can open it up but I can't index the material or map it as a drive, so the content isn't listed as a part of MY COMPUTER.

If I'm at the office, with SeaGate, I can access the files just fine because it's like a shared external drive, but across the web… it's much more limited.

Is there anyway to make a drive, like the Z drive on my employee's accessible like a mapped drive and then host that drive access the web? That way, i can be at home and choose NETWORK, his Z drive and instantly access everything on his drive?

Google docs, or log me in are the cheapest and initially seem that is all you need, if you are willing to spend then there are others…cloud hosted etc.


this is an easy one: use Sugarsync! Free up to 5 gb which should be more then enough for some documents.

I tried at least 10 other services but Sugarsync is by far the most flexible and easy to use. They also have a great app for your mobile phone so you can access your files anywhere (and email them, or whatever).

If you use this link to register you will get 500 MB extra storage for free (there is a nice demo video too): SugarSync files sharing, backup, access from anywhere

I use Dropbox.

It shows an icon when the file is being synced with a red X, and once it shows a green check it means the file is synced.

It is web based or client based.

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I use Dropbox.

It shows an icon when the file is being synced with a red X, and once it shows a green check it means the file is synced.

It is web based or client based.


+1 for Dropbox.

I think that people who use dropbox have never used sugarsync, which is like dropbox on steroids

Sure, dropbox syncs it’s own folder just fine. But in sugarsync you can sync everything, even your entire PC if you’d like that (so it also functions as backup)

I use it to automatically sync my home computer and office computer so I can continue working on both without ever having to take files with me or anything like that and I do not have to drag a file into a special folder!

If you use the link I posted earlier to sign up you get 5,5 GB for free which should be enough for documents, etc.