About to Upgrade 1.3.4 - 2.0.8

Hello. I’m about to begin the upgrade to the latest version, and plan to copy the site and perform all the upgrades on that copy taking it step by step:

1.3.4 → 1.3.4sp2;

1.3.4sp2 → 1.3.4sp3;

1.3.4sp3 → 1.3.5sp4 (that’s a nice jump);

and finally

1.3.5sp4 → 2.0.8 (i presume i can make that leap for the cart though i only see an upgrade for the database).

I’m not sure when the ‘Upgrade Center’ was implemented into the Admin panel. I will be reading some of the relevant posts, but any specific tip or advice is welcomed.


you’ll have to wait until the script to upgrade from 1.3.5 to 2.0.8 is released.

10 days and counting… :mad: :mad:

[quote name=‘Mr.Wolf’]

10 days and counting… :mad: :mad:[/QUOTE]

Have fun waiting. I highly doubt it would come soon.

It was easier for me to do a product/customers export/import and ditch the orders info