about the site-news meta description and page title

hello every one .

i find a problem that ,the “page title” and “meta description” for the page site-news are all same as the home page , it's not good for seo , so where can i edit the “page title” and “meta description” for the site-news page . thank you very much !

In design>blocks then whatever page you want to edit click the little cog at the side of the block name


i'm sorry ,but i cann't see it ,my version is cacart 2.14 . any other way???

[url=“cs-cart notes: How to setup cs-cart home page's title and meta description”]http://jack-cscart.blogspot.de/2011/05/how-to-setup-cs-cart-home-pages-title.html[/url]

i'm sorry ,but for my cscart version ,i cann't see the little cog you said ! see img at : [url=“http://netdisk1.mail.sina.com.cn/attprev/attImgPreviewContents.php?token=9z8VZyFoqf1cNire8JhOdGv7AKULtIEHTNMysum0MSLqurIlNd1zM%2B%2FfDVtY1pU8JV1uFauczl53brMj6WOTtXxb%2F0QURVfDC%2BRYYN2jQTX8A%2FNMy1IEVHQh59Q318fsKO1fal2ntqTDqoVgSYkkA%2B5NMiqqckssXchssO%2B9jdKzSIwjgZEH75QxTlhyBmVSYZKJQNK82B6x8uqUp3cr6Q%3D%3D&file_name=附件1&imgType=big”]http://netdisk1.mail.sina.com.cn/attprev/attImgPreviewContents.php?token=9z8VZyFoqf1cNire8JhOdGv7AKULtIEHTNMysum0MSLqurIlNd1zM%2B%2FfDVtY1pU8JV1uFauczl53brMj6WOTtXxb%2F0QURVfDC%2BRYYN2jQTX8A%2FNMy1IEVHQh59Q318fsKO1fal2ntqTDqoVgSYkkA%2B5NMiqqckssXchssO%2B9jdKzSIwjgZEH75QxTlhyBmVSYZKJQNK82B6x8uqUp3cr6Q%3D%3D&file_name=附件1&imgType=big[/url]

Not a cog in 2.14 see screenshot (2.24 but should be same)



but i cann't see it in my cscart , need some addons or what ?


My site on 2.14 has it on just fine. Speak to cs cart help desk. Addons I think this is standard doesnt need enabling as far as I am aware.


I was using an old version (2.0. ?) and to change the homepage “page title” “META Description” etc went to

Design > Site Layout.

Since moving to Version 3 was looking for the same pathway, but wasn't there.

So thanks to johnbol1 for the info on amending the details with the cogwheel in blocks.