About the security bandwidth


i heard that the CS mart uses a huge bandwidth amount from the sever

and you have to disable the save mode

i need your help as I don’t have any experience with this

thanks and everyone feed back is welcome :slight_smile: for the benefits of all of us[/SIZE]

Yes, Cs cart is a little bit more “heavy” than other carts, but I have a regular, simpler and shared hosting plan for more than a year and so far so good, I don’t have any problems with bandwidth and I have the search engines robots 4 or 5 times a day, day to night on my shop vewing a great, huge deal of pages, so, I don’t think the bandwidth cs cart uses it’s a probem.

I don’t really know what you’re talking about but there are things like Hot Linking Protection to protect your bandwidth. CS itself doesn’t take much.

One of my busy clients is on 10GB per month and uses less than 1GB. It depends what you sell and how many customers you have, but from what I read, try to look for a decent web hosting company. If you sell downloads with 100MB per file, then this is not CS, but your files or pictures which, consume the bandwidth.

Please give us some more details about your hosting plan and your business and maybe we can help.