about the default Order statuses?

Can anyone give me a step by step outline of how the default Order statuses are checked.

If a order is placed, I image that it is first: open, then (either failed, declined completed/process… not sure about those 2).

What steps would you take to set an order to backordered?

When the payment is successfull is the order status completed or processed?

If I want to mark and item that I have shipped it, and have the tracking info sent to the customer, how do I do this?

Does, adding a shipment to the order, send the tracking info and shipment data to the customer?

I just want to understand the process here so that I can write up my user instructions with step by step details, so I don’t need to be the only person able to work with orders.


What version of the cart? Things have changed a bit since they added the ‘Shipments’ feature.

The following is based on the Authorize.net payment gateway - I imagine other online payment methods are similar.

An order that has been paid for successfully using an online payment should return a 'Processed status; if the payment attempt is either declined or failed, those statuses are returned. I think the 'Failed" status happens when there is no response from the processor.

In order paid for using an offline payment method will return the ‘Open’ status.

You can manually set the status to ‘Completed’ once the order is shipped. This is the intended meaning on this status.


I’m running 2.0.12

I am wanting to add a order-status after completed, where I note that the order has been added to our shipping manifest and is awaiting packaging/shipping.

Once shipped I will switch it to complete.

Now what I am not sure about are the stock settings and giftcert setting.

the KB says this about the stock setting.

[QUOTE]The Inventory option allows to manage the stock depending on the order status. If you choose Increase in the select box the product number will not be changed in stock. If you choose Decrease this status will affect the inventory.[/QUOTE]

Does this mean that with my new status I should select increase so that the value does not get changed at this point, or will this put the inventory back into the system?

I feel like there should be a setting for ‘no change’

And for the gift cert… what should it be set to? I am assuming that the preset statuses are setup correctly, so should I just carry the same value along?

Your new order status should probably have inventory set to ‘Decrease’ like the existing "Processed’ and ‘Completed’ order status. I have not reviewed the code but it appears that the cart checks to see if there is a change in the inventory movement (for instance, if both statuses have ‘Decrease’ then there is no change in inventory).

Several people have requested a ‘No change’ option for inventory.

As far as the gift certificates go, you can choose either ‘Pending’ or ‘Active’. I would probably use ‘Pending’ so that the gift certificate is not active prior to the shipment.


thanks, this is starting to make a little more sense to me now, although a ‘no change’ setting would make great sense.

I am already live and have a few orders in place, luckily we did a soft launch with our core clients which are aware that we are in a beta phase, so minor adjustments are expected.

thanks for your help.

The actual steps and logic is:

  1. Order created with status ‘B’ (backordered) when user clicks “Place order”
  2. if there is a payment provider, then status goes to ‘O’ and payment provider request sent (callback or transactional depending on the provider).

    2a) If not payment provider (check, fax, etc.) then order status goes to ‘O’
  3. When a payment provider responds to the request for payment status can either by ‘P’ (processed = successful), ‘F’ (failed - something failed in the transaction) or ‘D’ (declined - payment not authorized)