About Language Api

Does anyone know how to retrieve other language (Except English) of product info by restful api? We can only get English info through the API interface.
There is no description of how to set language from the online restful api document,
Also, the params restrieved from the restful api are more then the restful api document. Which looks like this,
"params": {
"area": "A",
"use_caching": true,
"extend": [
"custom_extend": [],
"pname": "",
"pshort": "",
"pfull": "",
"pkeywords": "",
"feature": [],
"type": "simple",
"page": 1,
"action": "",
"filter_variants": [],
"features_hash": "",
"limit": 0,
"bid": 0,
"match": "",
"tracking": [],
"get_frontend_urls": false,
"items_per_page": 10,
"apply_disabled_filters": "",
"load_products_extra_data": true,
"storefront": null,
"ajax_custom": "1",
"pcode": "p116d4912789k280c4914433g209",
"sort_order": "desc",
"sorting": "code",
"sort_by": "timestamp",
"include_child_variations": true,
"group_child_variations": false,
"sort_order_rev": "asc",
"total_items": "1",
"return_count": 1
Maybe the online developer document not update ?
Thank you very much !


Please try add to param "lang_code" with code country e.g "ru" or "pl".

Best regards


You might also try yoursite.com/api.php?sl=en (whatever lang code you want)