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Please I need help importing properly a CSV my supplier gives me. In the CSV the categories are not separated by /// or anything, they’re column by column; that is column B has the category, column C the subcategory 1 and column D has subcategory 2. It seems that I can not import the file corrected because of this.

How can I change the info (in an easy way) from column by column to category/subcategory1/subcategory2 so I can finally import the CSV?

Doing this manually is an almost impossible task, we’re talling about 1000’s of products.

I appreciate your help

If you have Excel it is real easy. In a blank column in the same row use this fomula: =(B1&“/”&C1&“/”&D1)

Hit enter and make sure it worked properly. Now click on the same cell and move your mouse to the lower right corner and when it turns into a + sign, click and hold and drag all the way down your list.

that was so good! great formula, I could not believe my eyes when it worked. Thanks a lot! :stuck_out_tongue:

It is good that this post will stay in the forum for others to see, some users will need this.

Now, I have imported all the CVS, all ok except for one problem, when I go to the store the product page gives me an error message. It is so weird, everything is there, categories, products, codes, images, all, the products are available, everything seem fine but I get an error message when I click on any product details in the store. What am i doing wrong?:confused:

What’s the error message

Thanks babalucci, for your interest, I already fixed it. Sometimes it is all about “trial and error” I tried and tried till I saw the problem. It seems that in CSV for CScart import fields must be filled out in English only, no matter what default language you use. I knew this fact for the headings but now I realized that is also for fields indications.

In my case, in the field Inventory tracking, I was writting in all cells S as for “sin seguimiento” and only when I changed to D, as for “do not track” it was fixed.

For all of you who use another default language other than English, this also happens with the rest of the fields, In “available” you must write Y or N, etc,etc.

Babalucci, you know, the 1st time I read a post from you in this forum you really got me with your avatar, I thought a little bug was crawling over my screen and even tried removing it with my finger, ha,ha, I laughed so much when I realized it was a .gif image, lol.:smiley: