About Cs-Cart V5

Anyone know new features or whats will be change on next major version v5?

Anyone know new features or whats will be change on next major version v5?

Havent heard anything from CS-Cart about this. I have asked them occasionally but never really got an answer.

Then nothing will be changed, routine changes will be come…

Silence prevents criticism or feedback.

Please find some info here


Blockchain maybe ...

British blockchain company Omnitude has partnered with e-commerce platform CS-Cart in a bid to improve the retail experience with blockchain tech.

CS-Cart, which is the tool used by more than 35,000 websites across 172 countries, will integrate Omnitude ID (OID) technology into its software, allowing for more transparency and therefore trust for its customer and vendor base.

Vladimir Kalynyak, co-founder of CS-Cart and Omnitude, said: “We have always strived to make the CS-Cart platform as easy and flexible as possible for businesses to deploy and start trading. Blockchain has very real benefits for customers and vendors that cannot be ignored, and we are looking forward to demonstrating how this new level of trust will improve people’s lives through our implementation with Omnitude ID.”

The joint venture will launch in Q2 2019 and make CS-Cart the first platform of its kind to integrate blockchain into its core processes in this way.

OID tech will be utilised in a few key ways, including storing customer information and preferences on the blockchain. Customers will then have greater control of their data, who can see it and their digital identity. Fake product and vendor reviews will also be eliminated with the help of IOD, with only customers who have Proof of Interaction able to post feedback.

Existing Omnitude customers include Williams Martini Racing, The Maltese Government’s Ministry for Transport, Infrastructure and Capital Projects, Luxury Goods and Food Retailers, Technology Businesses and Logistics Companies.

In the future, the partnership aims to give users the ability to reack goods through the OID supply chain, easily verifying shipping and payment activity.

Full article here: https://cryptonewsreview.com/omnitude-and-cs-cart-partner-on-blockchain-powered-e-commerce-platform/