About Categories, Dubbing, Merging Etc

Hi to All

I'm here with a new and hopefully fascinating ( :grin: ) question

Would it be possible to 'add ' a series of categories and their relative s sub or sibling

to Another category ?

I have a Categoriy Visible Only by a Specific Group,

And this Group has a specific discount ratio.

In there I have to add Some products ( obviously)

On the store wide I have , let's say , 5 categories with many subs/siblings each one

and for the specific purpose I would like ALL those Categories Products to appear INSIDE the afore

mentioned Category ( the one Hidden to anyone, Specific Users Group apart ) for Discount Reason

AKA : all what's inside this Category ( visible to you only ) will be discounted just for you.

(it's just Not the discount that matter, but to make them find Discounted Item on THAT cat)

Given categories can't have two path/ Url how can I proceed?

Duplicating ? Cloning?
No way I can take over any Single categories Item ( more than 200) to add another category.

Suggestion are welcome